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So Much....Where Do I Begin....

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

(This blog post was originally written on May 27,2020 and posted on our family's personal blog at How Not To Go Nuts.)

So Much....Where Do I Begin....

I've been out of commission for the past few weeks, just trying to wrap things up for the kids with school, and trying to finish things up with getting Jayden set with starting at Texas Tech next month. Not to mention, yes we officially have a high school graduate!!! Bernard and I talked with Jayden this morning after he came home from his morning run and just expressed to him how proud we are of him! I told him that you stayed on the path, you never strayed off, and continue on that path while at Texas Tech (I know he will do nothing but great things). Now, in a few weeks we will be a household of 4. Three weeks ago I took Peyton in for a environmental allergy test, recently she had been waking up in the middle of the night and early morning with swollen eyes. The allergist and I discussed and felt it was best that we test her to see what she could be allergic to outside of the house that could be making her eyes swell and skin break out in hives. Boy was I in for a shock!! I've only done this allergy testing think....yes the skin prick a few times before. Each time, they all came out positive, but never did Peyton react to the skin test with swollen eyes. Everything went as planned, but sister girls eyes started to swell....I know this is a common reaction to allergy test, but I have never seen this before.

So we now know that Sweet P is allergic to the following......

1. Elm Tree

2. Cedar Tree

3. Oak Tree

4.Pecan Tree (Not Surprised About This One)

5. Bermuda Grass

6.Perennial Rye Grass


8.Dust & Mites

9.Pet Dander

This was a eventful day, to say the least. Now we know exactly's been causing Peyton to break out in hives for the past 4 years. Yall, when I say hives....I mean hives....swollen eyes, you would think this girl had went into anaphylactic shock if you would see her on a day when the Oak Pollen was high. Now Dr. Rodriguez has a plan in place, to hopefully help Peyton, we wont start off with allergy shots yet, we will try to manage it with medication and see if this helps....hopefully no shots. I'm going to end this post on a different is the last day of school here in Austin. I have a 7th and 10th grader now, and my oldest will now be a freshman in college. I am praying for the Lord's protection, his favor and nothing but blessings for my children and all children. I pray that the Lord covers my three black children and protect them when they leave my home for a safe return. Too many senseless murders of unarmed black men and women are happening in this country at the hands of the police and white people. Too many times "Amy Coopers" of this country make false reports that they are being attacked by a African America's. False threats of this nature often times end up with our black men and women being beaten, jailed, or killed. It is not normal for black and brown people to see the police and fear them, when did this world become so comfortable with seeing and hearing of "George Floyds" or " Sandra Bland's" or " Eric Garner's" or " Ahmed Aubrey's" on a daily or a weekly basis? When is it enough for you (Dear White People)? When is it too much for you to scroll on social media and see the injustice and hate and not stand up and do something about it? Yes, we as black and brown folks can continue to fight the fight....BUT when are you going to join the fight instead of sitting in silence? Remember.......this is why Collin took a wasn't to disrespect the American Flag (you made it about that), it was to protest exactly this-police brutality and injustice that black and brown people are experiencing from the hands of the police. Let me say this, yes I know not all white people are racist......but when you turn a blind eye to systematic racism, police brutality, beatings, and injustice because it dose not effect you and yours..then you are no different. These are my truths, and as I've said many times I don't expect everyone to agree with me....but me being a married black mother of 2 teenage boys, and a 12 year old daughter....this is our reality. #icantbreathe #blacklivesmatter

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